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... using job information when planning your career aims to help you make career choices

Job trends information helps career planning, supports decisions about future study and training options and provides helpful information when changing your job. In this section you'll be able to identify where the jobs are now and where they could be in the future, and set out your future goals showing labour market information, including videos, produced by Leeds City Region.

Remember: labour market information is a guide to help you plan, no one can predict the future

Find out about:

Many employers are looking for people with robust problem solving skills, innovative thinkers, and good communication skills.
Fiona Thurlbeck talking about the Leeds City Region.

Careerometer lets you search and compare jobs - just 'clear the card' to keep searching and selecting

Where the work is - lets you explore the range of 'mid-skilled' jobs - jobs for new entrants at Level 2, 3 and 4, including the likely number of job openings, competition for openings and average salary for experienced staff, nationally and across regions. It offers a guide only and should be used along side other information or as part of a discussion.

Explore the gender pay gap - the difference between average hourly earnings of men and women. The calculations don't include overtime pay and are worked out as a proportion of average hourly rate of men’s pay.

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