Back to school, college, uni or work? 

Back to school, college, uni or work? How are you feeling about it?

After months of isolation and confusion the world has started to open back up again, which means that after probably the strangest summer holidays on record it’s time for back to school, work, college or university for a lot of us.  But what is this ‘new normal’ that people keep talking about and what can we do to make sure we get back into things safely and happily?

Starting somewhere new can be worrying enough as it is, never mind all the new rules that have been put in place to help us stay safe. Similarly, going back to the same school or workplace that you were at in March could be equally as different. And then there’s all the other things that we’ve not being doing for months, like getting up early.


Here are some tips to help you get back into the swing of things

  • Try and get into a regular sleeping pattern as soon as possible, you should be getting at least eight hours, so figure out what time you need to get up and start winding down roughly nine hours before.
  • Prepare your clothes the night before, is your blazer clean? Have you dug out your tie? Does your uniform still fit? Do you know the dress code for your workplace?
  • Make sure you have all the necessary equipment, it’s unlikely you’ll be allowed to borrow any. Are all your pens working? Do you have a notebook?
  • Drink plenty of water. Water is great for getting your body and brain working again, so make sure you take a water bottle with you as it’s likely that water fountains will be out of action.
  • Plan your route, the roads might be busier than they have been over the last few months, so leave yourself plenty of time. Have you been set a specific start time? Have you double checked public transport timetables? If you’re using public transport, don’t forget your face covering.
  • Chat to friends and family about any worries or anxieties. Talking is proven to help with negative feelings and emotions. Some bloggers over at Young Minds have also shared their own worries about going back to school and work, have a read, you’re not alone.  Childline and BBC Bitesize also have some tips on coping with back to school anxiety.
  • Schools, colleges, unis and workplaces are trying to make things as normal and as easy as possible, while still keeping you and your friends safe, so make sure you listen to the guidelines and follow instructions. These could include ‘bubbles’ of a specific class, year group or team, one way systems, sanitization stations, social distancing, room layouts and wearing face coverings. Staff and teachers are there to help, if you’re not sure, ask!
  • Most importantly, enjoy it. Hang out with your friends, catch up and have a laugh, benefit from having your teachers back in front of you rather than work being set through a computer. Start thinking about your future, what skills have you learnt from coping in lockdown that could help you in your career journey? Remember, your careers advisers are here to Chat if you want to talk through anything.

Have fun and good luck!


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