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9.  Back to school, college, uni or work?

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The world has started to reopen again and after possibly the strangest summer holiday on record, we're heading back to school, college, uni and work.  What can we do to make sure we can settle back into the 'new normal'.  Georgina gives us some tips and advice to help you out. 







8. GCSE Results 2020, what to expect

Girl thinkingResults day is here! You might be feeling unsure about what to expect, what will happen on the day and what to do if you need help, Georgina and Kate share some of their tips on how you can best prepare. 





7. Next Step event on Facebook. How to find your next move

The Next Step CKOnline event page DS

If you’re aged 16 to 19 and you're not sure of your next move or you want a new plan, Next Step is a great way to help you to work it out.  You will have the opportunity to attend Q&A sessions, find out what vacancies are available and more ... find out how to make the most of the event. 




6. A level Results Day 2020, what to expect 

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Things might look a little different this year because of the pandemic and lack of exams but that doesn’t make it any less of a big deal. What will happen on the day, what should you do if you need help or advice? Check out these tips, from Georgina and Kate, on how best to prepare.




5. Remote interviews - what are they and how can I prepare? 

A lot Boy interviewof companies, colleges and unis are moving towards video or phone interviews now.  Kate explores what this means, how you can prepare and what you can expect if you're invited to one. July 2020




4. Traineeships are big news but what are they?  

After the announcHairdressing 001ement from Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer around boosting the number of traineeships available to young people, Danny explains what a traineeship is and why you might want to consider one. July 2020.



3. Your complete career journey

Career timeline CKGeorgina takes you on your career journey begining with when you first start high school, through to Year 11 and beyond. June 2020.






2. Cancelled Exams? Dont Worry!

Students 18plus 040As you know, exams have been cancelled this year but what happens now? Kate runs through the plans released by Ofqual and what this means for you. June 2020.



1. Something on your Mind? Chat to us!

Chat FB

Georgina discusses lockdown, how it has changed the world as we knew it. Even so, we're here to help, and we love to chat, it's easy to get in touch. Read on to find out how. May 2020.





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