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It’s fair to say that 2020 has thrown a massive curveball our way in the form of a global pandemic.

The whole world is cooped up at home, school has been closed, exams have been cancelled, and places we would normally go to hang out with our friends have been forced to shut down!

We might find that new ways of living emerge, and over the past few weeks everyone seems to have been embracing technology. The world has gone virtual - from video call quizzes with family and friends to online schoolwork, to celebrities holding concerts from home and parents doing Tik Tok dances …


We're still here 

Now schools and businesses have jumped on board to make sure that, even in a crisis, life goes on. This means that the services that we rely on are available exactly when we need them – and that’s exactly why C&K Careers have set up our new Chat service.

Many of you will remember C&K Careers from school - those chatty advisers in the careers office who are always there to answer questions, give advice and hopefully give you confidence in the decisions that you’re making about your future? Well, we’re still here, and our families are getting bored of listening to our ramblings. So whatever you need help with, we’re urging you guys to come and throw your questions at us once again and help to keep your careers adviser sane!

The C&K Careers website has loads of really great information that might answer some of your questions or worries about the future, but Chat has been created to give you some more specific advice that’s tailored to your own situation - just like our careers advisers would do in school, in one of our centres, or out in the community.

It's not silly, honest

No question is too silly. If you are worried about something that you would normally pop into the careers office at break time to see your adviser about, why not take a five minute break from your lockdown routine to give us a call, send us an email or drop us a message on Facebook?

Chat has been up and running for a while now and so far we’ve advised young people on all sorts of issues, including: college & sixth form applications, Year 8/9 options, changing course/training, Year 11 grading and results, routes into specific careers, online courses for during lockdown and CV help. So if you feel as though you could use some advice, get in touch.

Chat is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We’re here to do just that: chat.

T: 01484 213856

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