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Applying and starting at C&K Careers

January 13, 2020

The way I discovered this job is the same as how many people discover theirs, through hours of mindless scrolling looking for something that would be suited to me. Since dropping out of uni I have worked in a variety of places – as a lifeguard, in a pub, a music rehearsal studio; all the while not being entirely sure what exactly it was that I wanted to do. Then I came across this opportunity, complete with an impressive title, qualification opportunities and an increasing wage.

The application form itself jumped out at me as something I could actually do – something I would enjoy. After gazing over my CV for a few hours I began to compare the previous experiences and opportunities I had with the specifications to form my covering letter. To my disbelief I got accepted for the next stage; from there I researched the company and formulated my interview plan. Then the nerves set in. 'We’ll get to it when we get to it' – the mantra I created for myself in some vague attempt to stop worrying. Nevertheless, the thought of going to attend an interview for something I actually wanted to do was still terrifying. When it finally arrived, I was immediately put at ease by how friendly and approachable everyone seemed. The interviewers themselves were engaged and enthusiastic about what I had to say, which to be honest made a welcome change. They easily made me feel at ease and less unsettled with myself. The next day they called to say I’d been accepted.

Since starting, I have learned a variety of things – inputting data into the database, learning about my role within the company, putting up vacancies, helping work experience, and at careers events. Despite all this, one of the main challenges I have encountered has been my own self-doubt. However, after being here for two weeks I’ve learned that no matter how many questions you ask, no matter how annoying you think you are being, the people here are genuinely happy to help and have made me feel really welcome. So far, I have really enjoyed learning how things work within this company and getting to know the staff and am looking forward to the endless opportunities this role will bring.

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