Soft skills are important to ALL employers

... across all businesses

Job-related skills are important too

  • Job-related skills are learnt on the job and during training. They include practical skills, technical skills and other specialist skills. What you learn will depend on the job you do.

The most important skills we want from young people applying for our apprenticeships are interpersonal skills - natural communicators, keen to give a good service. British Gas.

  • Soft skills, sometimes called employability skills, transferrable skills or interpersonal skills, are very important and include:



Speaking and writing clearly
Write your emails, letters, CV in full. Try not to use 'text speak'

Customer service

Being helpful and pleasant
To your customers, clients and the people you work with

Team working

Working together
Helping your work colleagues and thinking about what you can do to make other people's jobs better, so your company can be successful

Problem solving

Sorting out daily problems
Acting quickly and for the
benefit of customers and everyone in the company

Information Technology

Basic computing
Being able to use a PC, email, and other software, such as Word and basic Excel 

Literacy and numeracy

Good basic English and maths
Sometimes called basic skills or functional skills. Being able to read, write and work with numbers


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