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  A level Results Day CKCareersOnline event pageA level results

Not long now until you get your A level results …

If you’re worried or unsure about your next step our online Q&A is for you. Join C&K Careers on Youth Central, our careers advisers will answer your questions and help you figure out your options. Sign up to let us know you’re coming W: www.youthcentral.co.uk/book-live-sessions/

If your A level results are not what you expected and you feel confused, concerned or worried about the future, you're not alone, many people who have succeeded in their lives, got different grades to the ones they expected.

You may still get your firm or insurance offer even if you miss the entry requirements ...

... so check with the institution(s) whose offers you hold

  • use UCAS Clearing Plus 2020, it is important to research the courses available. Make sure you check UCAS Track first, as a university may decide to confirm your place despite your grades being different

  • find Track hasn’t been updated, phone the university or college and ask for a decision

  • haven't got a place, check UCAS Clearing Plus 2020 for alternative vacancies, also check university websites

  • find a course you like, phone the university or college and ask if they will offer you a place.

If you get better results than expected and they are higher than you need for your firm offer, you can look at courses on UCAS Adjustment that were asking for higher grades or rejected your application. Also speak to your careers adviser, they will help you think carefully before making a decision. Remember, you don't have to look elsewhere if you're happy with your choice. 

You can:

  • consider delaying university or college for a year then re-applying in the autumn for courses starting in 2021

  • think about other learning options, such as foundation degrees, part-time and distance learning degrees or degree apprenticeships

  • build your skills by getting a job, an apprenticeship, an internship or mix part-time work with volunteering

  • build up your UCAS points by doing another level 3 course at a college, such as A levels or a one year BTEC course then reapply via UCAS next year.

C&K Careers advisers are available on results day - Thursday 13 August - you can contact your careers adviser, our Chat service or your nearest centres - see below.

We’re also running a live online vacancy and opportunity event from Thursday 20 August to Thursday 27 August, find out more about our Next Step Event.

Some students find results time stressful, you can find help on Dealing with Exam Results from Childline and useful information on Coping with Exam Stress from the Samaritans.

  GCSE Results Day CKCareersOnline event pageGCSE Results

It’s nearly the big day! How are you feeling about getting your GCSE results?

If you have questions or you need help to figure out your next step, sign up for the Q&A on 19 August at 3pm with C&K Careers. Our careers advisers will be there to chat about your options and answer any questions you have. Sign up to let us know you’re coming W: www.youthcentral.co.uk/book-live-sessions/

If your grades are lower than expected and you don't have a sixth form or college place or apprenticeship, speak to your careers adviser on results day, Thursday 20 August or our Chat service or your nearest centres - see below for details.

If you haven’t met the GCSE entry requirements for your course or apprenticeship, colleges or training providers may still make you an offer on the level below, so you can study in a way that suits your ability and with this experience, you can aim to move on the following year.

Some colleges and sixth forms accept late applications, details should be on their website. You can find out more about sixth form and college admissions and applying and offers from training providers.

Contact your school careers adviser for advice

You can also think about going straight into work with training. Some students find apprenticeships, offering employment and training leading to nationally recognised qualifications. Apprenticeships are often a great alternative to full-time study - vacancies are advertised throughout the year. 

To find out more speak to an adviser or visit our Next Step live online vacancy and opportunity event from Thursday 20 August to Thursday 27 August, so why not find out more about our Next Step Event. 

You can also search our Recruitline vacancy database or register on Find an apprenticeship

If you're unhappy with your GCSE results, you may want to leave studying behind but it’s Government policy that all young people will remain in learning until they are 18 - this is called Raising the Participation Age (RPA).

You don’t have to stay at school; you can remain in learning on for example, an apprenticeship, traineeship or a full-time college or training provider course.

Some people can find results time stressful, watch this video on You Tube created by Stairways for some positive messages.  You can also find help on dealing with exam results from Childline.

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