Need a way forward - work or learning?

Our centres offer a range of support if you're aged 16 to 18:

My Way ForwardIf you want to be learning or working, 'My way forward' is for you

'My way forward' is a programme of support designed to help you find a job, an apprenticeship or a training or college course that helps you find your way forward.

We can help you think about any of the following:

  • your life
  • career ideas
  • job search
  • jobs in your area
  • CV tips
  • career choices
  • your confidence level
  • decision making
  • managing your money
  • healthy eating

You decide what works for you with your adviser and design an action plan for your success (368 PDF).

Huddersfield centre job clubIf you're looking for work in and around Huddersfield, our 'Job club' can help you

Our Huddersfield centre job club will give you useful tips and help with your job search:

  • where to look for work or training
  • CVs
  • filling out applications
  • interview skills

The job club is on Thursdays, 2pm to 4pm.

PCs are available and our advisers are around if you need a hand (331kb PDF).

Our careers advisers are based at:

Head Office
Huddersfield Careers Centre
24 High Street

T: 01484 242000 - general enquiries

T: 01484 213856 - Chat service, speak to a careers adviser