Money for learning 16+

A transfeminine student and masculine student laughing together in classFull-time courses at Level 3 and below are usually free for 16 to 19 year olds. You will have to pay for your travel, books and on some courses, specialist equipment. 

Students aged 19+ may have to pay some or all of the costs depending on the course level, the level of qualification you have and your circumstances - ask colleges for more information. Advanced Learner Loans are available to students aged 19 or over, studying an approved course at Level 3 up to and including Level 6. There is also an Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Fund for people who may be in particular hardship. 

Apprentices get at least the National Minimum Wage for apprentices and many get more.

Trainees may get help with travel and meals and may be able to apply for other learning support.

Up to your 20th birthday, your parents or carers will get Child Benefit and may get support through Universal Credit for you.

Other help includes...

For higher education student support, see the information on the Year 13 thinking of HE page.

If you can also contact your local council ...

... if you are 25 and over and don't have a careers adviser

In Calderdale visit financial assistance for post 16 education or T: 01422 392820

In Kirklees visit financial support for parents in education or T: 01484 22100


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Get Organised 2021 front cover Get Organised 2021 - a guide to your post-16 options

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