Finding a part-time job

part time jobA part-time job can help you ...

... learn about work, develop new skills and improve your chances of getting a job, apprenticeship or place on a course. Depending on the job, you can usually start working part-time when you're 13.

A recent survey of employers found that they were more interested in work experience than in qualifications when looking at job applicants.
Anne Jones, Huddersfield.

Jobs might be advertised:

    • in our Recruitline Vacancies Logo 220wand in schools and colleges.
  • in local newspapers and on their websites.
  • on notice boards and in shop windows.

BUT most part-time jobs are not advertised, they are filled by word of mouth, so ...

... ask your careers adviser and your friends and family for suggestions of places to apply, use any contacts they have.

Take your CV round employers in your area - make sure you look reasonably smart.

Part-time job ideas ...

... include work in shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, hairdressers, newsagents, baby-sitting, dog walking, stables and gardening.

Some firms also employ seasonal staff, particularly around Christmas eg shops, hotels and restaurants and the Post Office, sometimes these turn into permanent jobs.

Go after work that uses your skills and talents. If you love animals you might try dog walking, if you like outdoor practical work perhaps gardening would suit you, if you’re outgoing and good with people you might try shop work.

Balance the hours you work with your school and college studies. Think carefully about how many hours you work and be realistic - you can always do extra hours when it suits you if they are offered.

Think about ...

              • how much study you have to do
              • time off to relax and enjoy yourself

Don't copy your friends, think about what you can manage. Working one day at the weekend or one evening during the week is often enough. Check the byelaws to see how long you can work and what you can do – see below  –  the rules change with your age.

Remember you need time to do your home work and revise – one day at weekends, as well as most days after school/college. Think about how much study time you need in the holidays too.


The hours you can work under 18 are covered in the Working Time Regulations.

There are also local laws, called byelaws, about when and where under 18s can work in Calderdale and Kirklees, search for 'part-time job' in careersinfo logo 

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