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Amber, trainee accounting technician apprentice

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?
I decided to do an apprenticeship because I wanted to be hands on and get experience whilst I am studying.

How did you hear about your apprenticeship?
I heard about my apprenticeship from a training provider.


How easy/hard was it to get on your apprenticeship (what qualifications did you need, what was the selection process)?
It was difficult to get on to my Level 2 apprenticeship as I struggled to find an employer but once I had done my Level 2 college course, it was easier for me to find an employer as I had some experience.

How did you apply?
I applied by emailing the training provider to let them know I had been taken on by the employer.

What apprenticeship are you doing?
I am doing AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians), an Accounting Level 3 Apprenticeship.

How do you get your training - is it in the workplace or do you go to college - if you go to college, is it block or day-release and where is it?
I get my training by day release. I attend college in Leeds at First Intuition, an accountancy training provider.

What is it like working and studying at the same time?
I think the studying is okay, the portfolio that I have to do for my apprenticeship is hard as I have to have around 300 'Off the Job' hours, which I think is quite difficult to put together when working and studying.

How has doing an apprenticeship changed you (if it has!)?
I think doing an apprenticeship has boosted my confidence and made me speak to a lot more people. At college we have to do skills days and I find these have been really useful on my apprenticeship.
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What advice would you give to other young people thinking about doing an apprenticeship?
I think an apprenticeship is a very good way to go, you get experience and get to go to college as well.

What are you hoping to do at the end of your apprenticeship, for example, stay where you are/progress to another level/company?
I am hoping to progress on to a Level 4 Apprenticeship and then a Level 7.

What are your career plans?
For now I just want to focus on getting my exams done and being qualified. I'm not too sure where I would like to be as of yet, my main focus is my exams for now and getting the experience.


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