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How did you hear about your apprenticeship?

Through Kirklees College

When did you realise that an apprenticeship is what you wanted to do?

When I was told it wasn’t all theory and was more hands on work.

Why not college?

Having to sit in a class room every day and learn the theory behind something is not the same as seeing it happen in real life. How often does something go to plan really? In college its all the time, there is never any just in case methods told. Whereas on the job things go wrong all the time… it’s life at the end of the day. Nothing is perfect.

Was it easy to get on your apprenticeship and what qualifications did you need?

My apprenticeship was not that difficult when you know where to look for jobs. They wanted 5 A-C GCSEs including maths, English language and IT. If not Level 2 Functional Skills was given.

What is it like working for your company?

I enjoy working for my company as you never truly know what the next day will bring. They always help me whenever I need it. A lot of them have been apprentices themselves, so they know how hard it is. Plus you meet some really nice Customers.

Did they give you training and if yes, what did the training involve? Did they give you enough support?

Yes, so far I have been given the Level 1 Pool Plant course and manual handling. Along with the inductions and tool box talks. They help you through everything and are not afraid to get involved when things need adjusting. For example, they are helping me do as much of my job as possible as I cannot do my Level 2 Pool Plant until I am 18 ... Can’t wait!

What would you say are the perks of the job, the fun parts?

I would say the perks of my job would defiantly be the full gym membership for £25 a year! The fact you learn something every day and it is never boring. All they want is for you to achieve, so they all help each other.

What are the people like to work with?

The customers can be really nice but they are nothing compared to most of the staff! It is one big happy family here. Especially in the energy/maintenance section that I’m in. We always have our jokes and banter. That is necessary in a healthy workplace. We have big awards ceremonies and Christmas dos like every other company but this is different. This is Family.

How often did you attend college and what is your course?

I attend College once a week and Study electrical and maintenance principles. Of course with organisation & efficiency and the obvious Health & safety.

Did you like your course? How helpful were your tutors?

I enjoy my course as much as anyone can enjoy two hours of health and safety. I Love the electrical side and learning how things work. The tutors are amazing and always out to help.

Do you think the balance between working and being at college was right?

Yes I believe there is just enough time in each to get the work done. You need more time at work to get the evidence to pass the college part.

How did doing an apprenticeship affect your social life?

It did wonders for my social life as my weekends are free for one. Plus I’m earning, so I can do more. Now if only my friends were the same it would be great.

Did it help to fund activities with your friends? Hobbies?

Now I go to the cinema and Lazer Zone at least once a month.

Did it help you to save money?

I have saved a lot of money since I have started my apprenticeship. Saving for the future now to make it easier.

Did it provide you with the funds to treat yourself?

Of Course! I go out for meals and buy myself treats like PS games and movies.

How did your apprenticeship help you personally?

Yes, My apprenticeship gave me the confidence to ask questions and be myself. It told me that just because I was a girl didn’t mean I couldn’t do whatever I want like the boys can. It encouraged me to strive for better in college and out.

How has your apprenticeship benefited you?

My Apprenticeship has given me friends, I’m healthier plus I have money! If I didn’t do an apprenticeship I could go to college, uni if I wanted to and still not get a job at the end. That is not the case here.

What was the outcome at the end of your apprenticeship?

Lets wait and see shall we, I’m hoping a pay rise and a job

What are your plans for the future?

To work with energy and electrics. These are my passions. Oh and a house and car would be nice too.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully in university all paid for by KAL *fingers Crossed*


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