calculatorIt's very important in every day life

AND most jobs need you to be able to use basic maths...

...such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisions (+ - x ÷).

Other maths topics are important in many jobs, for example formulas, equations and graphs may be used in construction, engineering and nursing.

Maths is useful when solving problems and other school subjects use maths, for example science, geography and computing.

You will be able to use calculators some of the time but you will also need to improve your mental arithmatic (doing sums in your head).

You'll learn:

  • more about Algebra, such as using formulas (a type of maths rules), equations and graphs
  • how to use maths to find out about shapes
  • about using numbers to measure and compare things and events – percentages (the amount of something), estimating (making a good guess) and managing your money (finances).

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