Language books - French German SpanishAll schools teach at least one foreign language,

many offer two and some specialise in languages, so they can offer several.

The most common languages taught in our schools at Key Stage 3 (11 to 13 years of age) are French and German, closely followed by Spanish.

Some schools offer Italian, Chinese or Mandarin, or Russian, and possibly other languages such as Asian and Eastern European languages - you may be more likely to be offered some of these later on, from Year 9 onwards.

You'll learn:

  • to express your ideas and thoughts in another languageto listen, understand and reply to other speakers
  • to write in that language, using correct grammar and spelling
  • about the country's culture and new ways of thinking, as well as reading famous books written in the language. Classes will involve discussions and asking questions, and making sure you pronounce the words in the way native speakers do.

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