Work experience

Students on work experienceHelps you find out how work is different from school

During Year 10 or Year 11 your school may offer you the chance to go on work experience. A part-time job or voluntary work are also good ways to get some work experience.

Why go on work experience? Well it...

  • gives you the chance to find out how a local company works
  • helps you think about your future
  • develops new skills and
  • lets you see see how you cope and learn to adapt to being in an adult environment
  • could help you sample the type of work you're thinking of but whatever work experience you do will help
  • shows you the difference between work and education
  • looks great on your CV and you may get a reference

Employers really value work experience

Find out all you need to know before you go, read:

What you need to know about Work Experience a guide for students What you need to know about work experience - a guide for students

When and how does it happen?

Most schools offer work experience in Year 10 or Year 11, some organise it for older students aged between 16 and 19. It usually takes place over one or two weeks during the school year. A few schools arrange work experience one day a week. 

young person drying someone's hairFor some young people, Nexus-in-School might be a good option in Year 11. Nexus is an extended work experience programme for Year 11 pupils. Schools can identify pupils that would benefit from practical, hands on learning with an employer, for up to three days a week. Pupils return to school for the rest of the week to study a reduced number of GCSEs. For more information contact Sarah on 01484 242000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our work experience team supports and organises work experience for many local schools. The team visits placements for the students of these schools to make sure they are safe and suitable. We will ask you to fill in an application form, so it gives you experience of applying for work. And it tells us a little about you and your interests. Not all schools offer work experience, so ask your school.

If you're aged aged 18 to 24 and have an EHC (Education, Health and Care) plan, you may be able to do a supported internship, which are available in Calderdale and Kirklees. 

Who decides where you go?

As far as possible you do. We have a list of placements for you to choose from but you can also find your own. If you find a placement, it will need to go through our checks to make sure you are safe and have a good experience. Check out the Health & Safety Executive Young people at Work website to find out more about going on work experience and staying safe, and the law around what young people can and can't do at work. Placements outside Calderdale and Kirklees will need checking out by an agency in that area - they may charge you for this service. If you can't find a placement, we will try and find one that best matches what you asked for on your application form, so you at least get to find out what full-time work is like.



Courtney and Josh

Find out how Courtney and Josh found work experience a useful part of their summer internship, helping them gain the confidence and skills they need for their future career plans or read it (68kb PDF). The internship was run by C&K Careers, on behalf of North Area Council, Barnsley.

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